mermaid: iMagE Registration via autoMAtIc Differentiation [*]

mermaid is a registration toolbox, which supports various image registration methods. In particular, it focuses on nonparametric registration approaches (including stationary velocity fields and large discplacement diffeomorphic metric mapping models) though simple affine registration is also possible. As it is entirely written in pyTorch it allows for rapid prototyping of new image registration approaches and similiarity measures. To keep track of registration parameters it makes use of json configuration files which entirely describe registration algorithms. mermaid provides optimization-based registration approaches, but the companion-package easyreg ( adds support for deep-learning registration models by building on top of mermaid’s transformation models.

mermaid was primarily developed by:

  • Marc Niethammer
  • Zhengyang Shen
  • Roland Kwitt

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[*]OK, we just liked the acronym.